Fair trade policy

We try to only buy from wholesalers that have been importing for a good while as this shows to us they are serious about their commitment to the artisans and it helps create long-term sustainable family businesses.

This way we know that our purchases actually make a difference to the lives of real people, which in turn means YOUR purchases make a difference too, as without them we couldn’t carry on trading.

Below are a couple of links to the fair trade policies of our suppliers. Fair trade is not only about the workers being paid a respectable amount for their work, it’s also about working conditions, hours, sick pay, and avoiding child labour. Have a read of the policies and see for yourself. I’m sure you will agree that the business models are done for the benefit of all parties and your custom means we at Trinkets ‘n’ Trowels can also do our little bit to help carry on this good work.

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